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Lotta things to do

After a week doing business here in jing jin / china we travelled to the much greener and more exotic yangon/Myanmar.as you See the pic, you may think on a historic,hidden temple somwhere deep in the myanmar dschungel,but to be honest it was the 5 star hyatt regency, located close to the most empty 5 lane autobahn in Jing Jin City /China.Amanda my nice chinese colleague, introduced us into chinese hot pot, a traditional way, to cook your food in a gaspowerd steel pot filled with hot water ,some oil and exotic spices.
Ok fellow's, a bit hassle to upload this pic, has to manage the camera and try to get it into the ipad.Be shure i am a handy ,handsome bloke, so i will get into the matrix and find out.
This pic i try to manage to go into the ipad is a nightmare - so forget about that.
The recent pic's are shot in Bagan, at one of 800 Pagoda's you can visit Forget about the german meaning : es ist nicht alles Gold was glänzt....., fellow's believe,it is.

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