just a few day`s to go...

follow the sun, is a title of my favorit author,malcom douglas. as he lived in western australia/broom, i love the tropics,and hot weather and foreign cultures too. friday morning, beautifull clear autumn,chilly outside,sun warming me as i have my coffee ,sitting in our bed and try to make this blog starting and running. 3 day`s left to our flight,not fussy, so many flight`s in my life and lot of traveling in my past gives me a feeling of confidence. lot`s to do ,as always,as if you work to the very last day, and there is less time to organize - passport,visas,wallet - Heike managed a lot. the rest is simple and known : pack your rucksack,last phone call`s to friend`s, visiting family, a last dinner with Heike`s daughter`s yesterday.I feel a few relaxed moments,no hurry, no stress....

12.9.14 13:35


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